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2014 ~ Present

Leaping as a global corporation

Moving beyond engineering plastics to become a specialized sustainable materials corporation, including bio and recycled materials.
  • 2023

    Name change to BGFecomaterials​

    Completion of the Color R&D Harmony Room​

  • 2022

    Merger and acquisition of BGFecobio​

    Patent acquisition for polyamide hybrid composition reinforced with glass fiber and carbon fiber.​

    Obtained GRS recycled material certification.​

  • 2021

    Incorporation into the BGF Group​

  • 2020

    Expansion of the factory line in Changshu, China​

    Obtained a patent for an automotive suspension device manufactured with inserts made of fiber-reinforced composite materials.​

  • 2018

    Completion of the China Changshu Factory​

    Patent acquisition for polyphenylene sulfide resin compositions for thermostat housings​

    Patent acquisition for polyphenylene sulfide resin compositions for vehicle headlamps​

  • 2017

    Winner of the Best Management Award at the Korea KOSDAQ Awards​

  • 2015

    Acquisition of MS-Spec for four types of porous materials for intake system housings ​

  • 2014

    Completion of the Georgia, USA factory​

    Surpassing 100 billion Korean won (approx.95 million US dollar) in revenue​

    Obtained a patent for a porous plastic composition for intake system housings.​

    Acquired MS-Spec for CHC (Cylinder head cover) material​

2008 ~ 2013

Continued investment in R&D to establish a solid foundation

Through R&D, we are preparing for the present and future of BGFecomaterials.
  • 2013

    Acquisition of MS-Spec for engine room NVH reduction partition wall materials

  • 2012

    Establishment of Delhi Branch Office in India​

    Acquisition of MS-Spec for long fiber materials for FEM Carriers​

    Commencement of LFT production at Hwaseong Factory in South Korea​

  • 2011

    Completion of expansion and relocation of Hwaseong Factory​

    Recipient of the HKMC Vehicle Lightweighting Consulting Contribution Award​

  • 2010

    Completed GMW Global Certification registration​

    Listed on KOSDAQ​

    Recognized as a Corporate-affiliated Research Institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)​

    Acquired MS-Spec for FEM Carrier materials​

  • 2009

    Patented polyamide resin composition with improved impact resistance and alcohol resistance

    Patented polyamide resin composition​

  • 2008

    IR52 Jang Young Sil Award (Jointly awarded with Hyundai Motor Company in the materials category for calcium chloride-resistant engineering material)​

    Patented Polyamide Resin Composition for Automotive Radiators (Patent No. 10-8044728)​

    Participation in China Plas Shanghai Exhibition​

2002 ~ 2007

Establishment of a High-Speed Growth Foundation

Providing engineering plastic materials ranging from general-purpose PP to PA6/66, PBT, etc., to domestic and international customers.
  • 2006

    Acquisition of MS-Spec for calcium chloride-resistant materials for HKMC - RAD tank​

    Participation in China Plas Guangzhou Exhibition​

    Obtained ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 certifications​

  • 2005

    Establishment of a local branch in Shanghai, China​

    Opened a production technology research institute​

  • 2003

    Initial listing of HMC/KMC in MS-Spec​

1997 ~ 2001

Beginning of the Materials Business

Since its foundation in 1997, BGFecomaterials has grown into an engineering plastic material manufacturer through continuous research and development.
  • 2001

    Introduction of PILOT experimental equipment​

  • 2000

    Recognized as a dedicated research and development department (Korea Industrial Technology Association)​

    Completion of the 2nd factory in Namyang-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do​

  • 1999

    ISO9002 certification​

    Annual sales exceeded 100 billion Korean won (approx. 87 million US dollars)​

  • 1997

    Company establishment (in Sihwa Industrial Complex)​

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