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Polyamide (KN Series)

PA66 is an engineering plastic material with excellent strength, rigidity, and chemical resistance, and it is used in a composite form with materials such as glass fiber and carbon fiber for property enhancement. It is widely used in various industries, including in the automotive and electrical-electronic. And it offers a lower molding temperature compared to PA66 and offers excellent visual quality and cost-effectiveness.



  • High Rigidity

  • High Heat Resistance

  • Dimensional Stability

  • Chemical Resistance

Ring-opening polymerization of PA6

Manufactured through the ring-opening polymerization of caprolactam.

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Applicable Areas

Exterior Engine & Chassis Door Interior EV
Exterior Engine & Chassis Door Interior EV
  • Cargo Bracket

  • FEM Carrier

  • Junction Box

  • Roof Rack

  • Side Mirror Base Plate

  • Side Mirror Frame

  • Accel Pedal

  • Air Intake Manifold

  • Engine Cover

  • Oil Filter

  • Valve Body Cover

  • Outside Door Bracket

  • Outside Door Grip Body

  • Airbag Housing

  • Airvent Wing

  • Clip & Holder

  • Headrest Guide

  • Inside Door Bracket

  • Package Tray

  • Rain Sensor Cover

  • Slim Airvent Wing

  • Window Inner Frame

  • Battery Module
    Assembly Parts

  • DVRS Case for Automotive

  • Battery Module
    Assembly Parts

  • Connector

  • MCCB Housing

  • Chair Elbow Rest

  • Chair Base

  • Industrial Parts

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